Meet The Team

At Meyer Real Estate, we accept only the most driven, energetic and knowledgeable salespeople. We specialise in your market places.

Steffan Meyer


An absolute believer in bold ideas, unrivalled client care, enthusiasm and winning, Steffan is confident that Meyer Real Estate will pave the way for  conducting real estate business .

Steffan has his feet firmly planted on the ground and having worked his way from the ground up, he has an intimate understanding of the industry from a salespersons perspective. Passionate about people, his clients, our area and achieving excellence, it has been Steffans dream to build a Real Estate company that takes care of its clients, staff and community. 8 years of experience, across various markets, has proven Steffan stays informed and is capable of adapting. This is what he says is missing from the industry, generally.

Along with his team, Steffan is highly experienced across all sales and marketing methods. He specialises in residential sales, from high end right down to entry level homes and also has a solid proven record in real estate developments. Unflinching with his negotiations, you can rest assured if there is more money to be obtained from a buyer, he will extract it for you. Living locally with his young family, Steffan has the first hand area experience to sell not only your home, but all the great things our stunning area has to offer.

Innovative, driven and tenacious, Steffan has been awarded numerous industry awards;

Top Office Salesperson back to back 2019/2018 and 2018/2017

Top Client Experience 2019/2018

Top Auction results back to back 2018/2017 and 2017/2016

Top Marketer 2017/2016

Talk is cheap, he believes in the results speaking for themselves. If you are wanting to sell and have an outstanding result in mind, book your property consultation with Team Meyer today!

Laura Irvine


Some people are memorable and in Laura’s case, it’s for all the right reasons.
With a contagious personality and sheer outright enthusiasm, Laura can handle any situation thrown at her. And as a mother of three, she is adept at negotiating with the seemingly uncompromising.
Working in property management and as a client service manager to several top local agents before becoming one herself obviously put Laura in good stead. Within just 3 weeks of obtaining her salesperson license, Laura had made her first sale. Her 8 years in and around the industry have given her a deep understanding of real estate and how to make the most of any situation.  
Laura loves talking to people and building meaningful relationships. She consistently displays innovation, creativity and strong leadership. She has strong ties to the community and her local network is invaluable.  
Listening is Laura’s greatest strength. She genuinely cares about people and their circumstances and delights in creating positive experiences when bringing people and property together. That’s why she helped create Meyer Real Estate – to give you a better experience.

Yvette Davies

Lifestyle Specialist

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

With a passion for real estate and people, Yvette is skilled at matching buyers and sellers by listening to their needs and desires.

Raised in the saddle and a rural girl at heart, lifestyle property is Yvettes strong suit. When you choose to work with Yvette you get upbeat positivity, energy, enthusiasm, and a wealth of knowledge, knowing you can rely on her tenacity and ability to think outside the square and that she will deliver win-win outcomes, time after time.

Yvette works hard to achieve the best outcome for vendors and buyers. Her career in the police force means she gets straight to the point and uses her investigative skills to team up the best buyers for your property. She has developed empathy and strong listening skills from her years working in management roles in hospitality. The mother of four fantastic adult children has given Yvette amazing negotiation skills, along with a sense of humour and a down to earth approach to life.

Yvette understands that Real Estate is changing and that acheiving great results does not just happen…you have to create them. To achieve a premium price, she attracts buyers with her creative marketing  using innovative tools to put your property in front of the right buyers to get you sold – it’s a winning reflection of her drive and determination to get the job done, with the best possible result.

If you are thinking of selling or buying and want a hard working, honest agent on your side, call Yvette today.

Caleb Paterson

Licensed Agent

Formerly a manager at one of New Zealand’s biggest real estate brands Caleb brings a wealth of knowledge to Meyer Real Estate.

Caleb Paterson is seriously passionate about helping people achieve their goals, whether it’s his clients or his co workers, and he is relentless in this pursuit.

Caleb believes that the Real Estate landscape is changing and the way that we make deals happen is evolving. 

Why have you started Meyer Real Estate?
While I’ve gotten a lot out of working for the big real estate companies, I’ve always been one to push the limits in marketing a property. I have learned so much and am not afraid to try something new, now there is nothing holding us back. We want to set a new benchmark for the industry and create a place full of driven, innovative and likeminded salespeople. This is the way to ensure only the best results for our clients and that’s why we’ve started Meyer Real Estate. Smaller, agile and proven, we’re always open to new ideas. Owning our own agency has always been the goal; we are capable, well known and trusted in the area, innovative, excited and Ready!
Is Meyer Real Estate going to be the next big name in the industry?
We’re not trying to be everywhere, yet. We’re focussed on the local market. Living and selling locally is incredibly important to us. It means we know what we’re talking about. We live here and we love it here. Our agents know the area, know the market and now we are free to do the absolute best by our customers.
What can people expect when they list their homes with us?
We are determined to get you the most for your home. That doesn’t mean promising you more than what your property’s worth. Customers get caught out time and time again, by agents promising moonbeams to win the listing. We won’t do this. We’ll give you an honest appraisal of where we think the house sits in the current market, then we’ll put together an unrivalled marketing campaign to bring in every dollar your home deserves. It’s the skill and process that gets results, not the promise of a price.
Why Rodney North?
We’re a local real estate company in the truest sense of the word. We’ve been here for 8 years and wouldn’t live anywhere else.We live where we work and we love this place. Backed by the best results in the region, our local knowledge and innovative approach give you the best chance of gaining top dollar. Ours is an up and coming area, with a great sense of community and you can take your pick of amazing beaches throughout the year. In the time we’ve been here there has been a fair amount of change and between here and Warkworth, there’s plenty more to come.
Why do you think people should list their home with Meyer Real Estate?
First and foremost, we want to get the best results for our clients - we actually care. We’re here to set a new standard in the industry. Pick any agent from one of the big real estate brands and your campaign is likely to look pretty similar. If you work with us, your property will stand out and you’ll know you’ve got a team that will work tirelessly to get you the best result. Selling your house can be a stressful undertaking, we know this. But we also know we can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.