6 Robinia Place

Snells Beach


The New Chapter

Once upon a time, in a quiet town hugged by the gentle embrace of the sea, there stood a charming brick home that seemed to whisper tales of comfort and serenity to those who passed by. This wasn’t just any house; it was a haven for dreamers, a retreat for retirees, a playground for small families, and a golden opportunity for investors.

Nestled in a peaceful neighborhood, this single-level abode was more than a structure of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It was a promise of new beginnings, of laughter shared in its cozy living spaces, and of tranquility found in its inviting embrace. The double garaging, with internal access, stood ready to safeguard memories old and new, while the good garden, flourishing under the caress of the sun and the garden shed, whispered secrets of the earth to those willing to listen.

But what set this home apart was not just its sturdy brick walls or the warmth that filled its rooms. It was the walkway right beside it, a magical path that led directly to the beach. Here, the sand beckoned for bare feet to tread upon it, and the waves sang lullabies that promised endless peace.

This home was perfect for retirees seeking a quiet corner of the world to enjoy their golden years. It was ideal for small families dreaming of building sandcastles by the day and stargazing by night. And for investors, it was a rare gem, its value magnified by its location and charm.

The sellers, motivated by the desire to pass on their slice of paradise, offered immediate possession. They knew that this home was not just a structure of bricks and mortar but a keeper of dreams, a guardian of memories, and a doorway to new adventures.

Who would become the next custodian of this magical home? Who would walk the path to the beach and let the sea whisper its secrets to them? The pages of this story were ready to be filled, and the keys to this enchanting home awaited the hands of those ready to write their next chapter here, by the sea.

Snells Beach

Snells Beach is a suburb which lies within the Territorial Authority of Auckland, one of 269 residential suburbs which form the wider region. Snells Beach is the 91st largest suburb of Auckland in terms of the total number of residential housing stock.

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